There’s Nothing Odd About The Odd Couple

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There’s Nothing Odd About The Odd Couple

Amina Ademovic, Editor

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Laughter, tears, and two hilarious Spaniards. These are just a few things to experience at the latest production from The HHS Spotlight Players in “The Odd Couple.” The play, directed by ELA teacher Laura Cummiskey, officially premiered on October 19th and continued onto the 20th and 21st with overwhelming success.

The show focuses on two women, Olive and Florence, who came to be roommates after Florence was left by her husband. Things were running semi-smoothly until an odd double date with the Costazuela boys made them realize the impossibility of living together.

The cast had been rehearsing for months preparing for their big show, and the director was more than pleased with their dedication.

“This is a very seasoned cast and the whole process to be honest has been easy. It was clear from early on that everything was falling into place exactly as it was suppose to. I was working with a lot of committed performers and that is a nice situation,” explained Cummiskey.

Even with the endless hours of rehearsal, the nerves still made an appearance when it was time to perform. The actors backstage did anything they could to ease them before they went on.

“We were all trying to get the nerves out and were playing music, but right before we performed, we were all freaking out,” explained Freshman Amira Klokic.

However, one of the Spaniard brothers kept a cool head and even took comfort in the spotlight.

“I was a bit nervous before we performed wondering what would happen if I messed up my line, but as soon as I got on stage and saw all the people I felt a lot better and all my nervousness went away,” said Junior Haris Duracak.

Despite the nerves running through the cast, the play went really well with only a slight mustache mishap and the cast couldn’t have been happier.

“I feel the play went very well, we knew what we were doing and we were all just happy to get out there and do what we were preparing to do for a long time now,” explained Duracak.

The cast weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the show. HMS Teacher Michael Adreon sat front row on opening night and only had good words to say. He complimented the production quality, the costumes and stage work, and, of course, the humor.

“Anytime an individual finds themselves laughing out loud at the humorous moments it is an indication of how well a comedy is done. On multiple occasions, I found myself laughing out loud,” stated Adreon.

With a pleased audience, the cast could say that their hard work had been paid off and their goal had been achieved.

“We went out there to get a few laughs and that’s what we got,” said Duracak.