Trial and Error for Senior Privileges

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For at least the past few years, seniors at Hancock High School have been given a series of privileges granted especially to them. One of those includes being able to sit outside at the picnic tables. Our greatest privilege, however, started Wednesday when we were allowed to leave for lunch. Some people assume, and only time will tell, that a few bad apples will spoil the whole bunch.

Mr. Veldhuizen and Dr. Vogler have been very lenient while working with senior class president Stacia Livingston. Our only rules for participation include having a permission slip signed by your parent or guardian, being back at school by the end of advisory, and leaving outside food outside the building. We are not allowed to bring underclassman lunch, and considering the generosity of our principals, we shouldn’t complain about these small restrictions placed on us.

In past years at HHS, this lunch privilege had been granted to other senior classes. They had the same rules and restrictions then as we do now, and were held to just as high of a standard. When one senior messed up, however, Administration took this privilege away from all seniors.

Past years have shown principals that some students couldn’t handle having something nice. Students didn’t show up for class on time and also brought underclassman lunch, even taking younger kids with them out of the school at times.

While this privilege hasn’t been taken away yet, previous circumstances point that it is likely to happen this year. The problem isn’t that people are getting punished for doing wrong, but that the entire class would suffer because of a few bad decisions.

If and when the rules are violated this year, I hope that only those who created the problem will have to pay the consequences. Those who follow the rules should be allowed to keep their privilege until they ruin it themselves.