Homecoming Court Voting: Fair or Unfair?

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With Homecoming just around the corner, everyone’s rushing to find a date along with the perfect outfit for the night and others are fumbling for votes to be the next homecoming crowned couple. Per HHS tradition, only students involved in fall sports are eligible to be on Homecoming court, but what about the people involved in clubs?

“This year in STUCO we are planning on allowing everyone who participates in any sports to join homecoming court,” sophomore Dario Sajic said. “We haven’t included clubs since homecoming is a sports organization but I do believe it should be open to more students than just those involved in fall sports.”

At most larger schools, Homecoming is associated with a home football game. That said, it doesn’t seem like a reasonable excuse for non-sports involved students to miss out on winning homecoming prince or princess. 

“I do think that it’s unfair because there are a variety of different students that could be eligible for homecoming court. I’ve personally always wanted to at least be considered for homecoming court but I don’t play sports,” junior Natalee Irvin said.

This has been a concern for those who have wanted to be on the homecoming court but were not able to. It doesn’t seem fair in the sense that someone involved in sports could have the chance to be crowned while someone involved in clubs can’t.

“I’m involved in a lot of other things which I think should be looked at for everyone. I don’t think it should be just limited to those who play in fall sports. It should be a diverse grouping of different types of students,” Irvin added.

They’re both just as important and the students are equally involved with activities the school has to offer. “I think it’s very unfair because a sport is equivalent to a club so why should there be any difference?” senior Zach Sanders said.

Clubs and sports carry the same amount of importance and I believe the homecoming court should be open to every student at Hancock. As far as having “too many” people on court, it can simply be limited down to get to very few contestants.