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Join the Club!

Amber Stewart, Staff Writer

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Learning new information, making new friends, and having fun. These are the three benefits of joining a club at HHS.

HHS Assistant Principal Mr. Joe Veldhuizen said, “It is important to join clubs because it helps you have a sense of belonging within the school.”

Here at Hancock we offer fifteen different clubs. Have you wondered what one of these clubs was about? Or were confused by the name of the club? Well, wonder no more…

Art Club is all about expressing your creative mind. Instead of having a regular class environment and waiting for other students to get done, you get to move on whenever you’d like. Whether one person is painting or another is sculpting, you work at your own pace. Art teacher, Mrs. Leyes-Wood says, “I like to have the students see that art has no balance.” The best part about this club is the fact that everyone can join. Join today, and who knows what you’ll make next.

DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. The club is all about getting yourself prepared for careers in business, entrepreneurship, hospitality and management. To join DECA you have to be enrolled in an official business or  marketing class. While being in this class you may do practice role plays or presentations that relate to real life business situations.

Drama Club is all about working together to get a show done. There are many jobs within Drama Club, such as acting on stage, or working behind the scenes. English teacher, Mrs. Barfield says “What students tell me year after year is that Drama Club is a safe haven where the real world melts away and they get to belong to this whole different world for just a couple of hours a day.” There are no requirements to join. Drama Club doesn’t have weekly or monthly meetings, they meet and work within the schedule of their productions.

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. This club is not for everyone though, to join you have to be enrolled in a business class. Business class advisor, Mr.Meyer says, “The main focus of FBLA is the district competition in February.”  This competition is all about business and career-related areas. Each competiton can range from being individual, team, or chapter.

FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The club meets twice a month to discuss Christianity, God, the Bible, as well as read from the Bible. Anyone can join this club, you do not have to attend every meeting though. You also do not have to be an athlete to join.

FCCLA stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. In FCCLA, you will be working together to grow in leadership for family and consumer science education. You’ll focus on learning about family members, wage earnings, and being a community leader. Following this, you’ll also look into character development, creative and critical thinking, communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

Garden Club is focused on growing a wild selection of tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, corn, broccoli, squash, and zucchini. Garden Club doesn’t just grow the fruits and vegetables, they also donate some of the produce to Feed My People.

GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance. Counselor, Mrs. Steinhauff  says, “We try to empower all students to feel comfortable in their own skin.” GSA welcomes everyone to join. This club is all about making the student body feel comfortable in their own skin.

Hi-Step is all about teaching younger children about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, peer pressure/bullying and tobacco. Gym teacher, Mrs. Kloeppel says, “You are suppose to be a good role model, drug and alcohol free and an overall good student.” This club also runs Red Ribbon week, and sometimes run drives/volunteering.

Key Club is a club that we offer at Hancock which works with the Kiwanis family, or rather known as the Kiwanis Service Leadership Program. In this club, you will work together to help children around the world. This club helps out by doing food drives, delivering meals to seniors around Lemay, helping out at The Fisher House, and making treats for soldiers at the VA Hospital. Anybody can join.

Knitting Club is the newest student-run club to be formed at HHS. Meetings are held in Mrs. Cummiskey’s room (105).  While they don’t have a set schedule yet, the club intends to knit various necessities and donate them to various causes.  Anyone interested should see Christine Vineyard or Alexis Marsala.

Music club isn’t technically considered a club, but Mr. Elford will allow you to stay after school and play an instrument or sing. Although it may not be considered a club, anybody can still come. Mr. Elford is open to teaching a student that would like to learn an instrument that the school does not provide. Music teacher, Mr. Elford says, ” I have had several students learn violin, which is not offered as a course during the school day.”

National Honor Society is all about helping the community. This club has helped out with the Taste of Lemay, volunteered at Lemay family and child center, and tutoring for highschool students. To join you have to be invited, completed one year of highschool, have a 3.00 gpa and a 90% attendance. There are pillars to join this club as well. Leadership, service and character. When being in the club, you will also be required to complete 10 hours of service each semester.

Skills USA is all about having the student body, teachers, and industrial representatives work together. In this club you will work together to find better ways to fix or manage the American workload.

STUCO/RENAISSANCE manages homecoming and blood drives. Math teacher, Mr.Tidwell says, “We hold general assembly meetings to discuss events and issues that arise concerning our school.” To join, there are no requirements, unless you would like to run and be elected for president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. To be elected you need a gpa of 2.5 or higher and have good citizenship.

Varsity H is mainly made up of student athletes, as well as a few junior athletes. In Varsity H, you will work together to help out the community. Varsity H has helped with the Special Olympics and toy drives for children. They also have helped out at sporting events.