Students and Teachers KILL it at the Pie Auction

Amanda Myers and Brenaye Owens

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Murder, pie, humor, and suspense. These are just a few words to describe the latest production from the HHS Spotlight Players.   “Murder at the Pie Auction” was performed on Friday, August 26 and Saturday, August 27.

The play was a mystery/comedy about a pie auction gone wrong. This play was about figuring out who was the murderer, and the audience got to interact with the characters. They even had a live pie auction going during the play.

Sophomore Dario Sajic, who played Guy Templeton, said that the audience enjoyed both nights with the auction.

“Everything ran smoothly and as long as the audience had fun, I had fun.”

Sophomore Amira Klokic attended the Friday night performance. “The audience laughed at most of it because of the jokes, and it was fun overall.”

While the crowd was getting hyped up, Dario Sajic sophomore was backstage with the rest of the cast feeling nervous, freaking out and trying to stay quiet. According to Sajic you have to be quiet since the audience can hear everything.

Madison Avery, FCCLA said she was “pacing back and forth backstage,” and that everyone could tell she was nervous.  Sajic and Avery were both very nervous to go on, but when everything started their nerves had soon went away.

Sajic started acting because he’s always had an interest in it since his first musical in middle school. He thinks that being someone different for a while is fun and his thing is making others feel better and is easier while he is acting. This was also Avery’s first time being in a play and it was super fun for her.

At the end of the day the director Laura Cummiskey said the play was a successful fundraiser, which will help pay ACP acting tuitions and more supplies for the next plays.