Going Under the Knife 

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Going Under the Knife 

Amber Stewart, Sophomore Editor

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On Monday, November 19th and Tuesday, November 20th, Ms. Branch’s 5th hour PLTW class dissected two fetal pigs. The unit is all about the human nervous system and comparing it to other animal structures.

We may only view a pig as an important food to the breakfast table, but PLTW students found a number of similarities to humans.

“Even though we might be bigger as humans, we both have the same organ structure,” Sophomore Damian Sapp said.  

Ms. Branch’s class split into two groups to dissect two pigs. The students began by inspecting the pigs, finding the gender, weight, and estimated age. The bigger the pig, the older it is.

Once inspected the dissection began. First cutting the stomach open and examining the liver, stomach, intestines and other organs.

“It was like a strong pee smell when the pigs came out of the bag. After a while I got use to it,” Sophomore, Anthony Weber explained.

Once inside, students transferred the organs from the body to a pan. Then tagged each organ with the correct name.  

“It was cool to dissect the pig, see how pigs are pretty similar to us,” Sophomore Michael Harris  said.