Whale of a Mystery

Mystery of chromeland

Emily Appleton, Junior Writer

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It’s bluish gray. It’s about 8 inches long. It’s plastic. Why is it something that is very well-known around the Chromeland community?

It is Mr.North’s most prized possession. Mrs. Cassidy the librarian gave him this toy whale she found in a mud puddle earlier this year . Mr.North and a number of Chromeland students decided his name would be Bartholomew J. Whale.

What’s the problem?  He is missing. Someone took him!

October 31 Halloween of 2018. It was a gloomy day. There was a ransom note posted in the Chromeland room announcing his disappearance. After the first note he was returned, but the culprit was not  finished there. He was last seen in Mr. North’s closet on the 30th.

The last person that saw him was James Anderson (11). Anderson thought it would be funny to hide bart in the closet and when he went to retrieve it the following day bart was gone,  replaced with a silly little note that read, “Bart deserves better than this. How could you live with yourself?”

Many students of Chromeland are very heart broken about this situation.  

“Bart is gone but he will never be forgotten,” said Mariah Stewart

 This is no ordinary plastic whale, for Mr. North.

I feel angry. Bart was a big part of my classroom.  We spent everyday together for pretty much the whole year, and now he’s just gone,” Mr. North said.

Almost every day since Halloween, Chromeland’s third hour class gets a note from Bart’s captors. Mr. North thinks he may know who the captor is, but he is still trying to figure out this mystery.

I have my suspicions,” North said, “but at this point in time I’m going to keep them to myself.  I don’t want to throw those accusations at the wrong person. We’ll need to collect a little more proof first.”

Chromeland and their students are patiently waiting for Bart’s return. They ask that if you have any information, please let the citizens of Chromeland know.

As for Mr. North, he just hopes he is happy and safe wherever he is.