HHS Participates in Safety Training

Caelyn Coleman, Sophomore Writer

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Barricading, tourniquets, and fun. These are just a few things HHS students experienced on Friday, September 21st in the HPSD safety training.

Students were trained on first care, which is learning how to take care of someone who is wounded.

Freshman Trenton Teague said, “It was fun at some points, and when it got to the actual thing, it was pretty intense.”

HPSD is one of the first districts to take this safety training to the next level with intensive scenarios. Why aren’t other school’s doing this?

“I think the big thing is parents,” said a member of the St. Louis County Tactical Team. “I think they have a concept of if you don’t talk about it, then it won’t happen. That’s our biggest obstacle.”

The day started with an assembly refreshing the intruder training HSS students learned last school year. From there the students split into groups and were given a quick lesson on tourniquets, how to use them, and the different items you can use to make a tourniquet.

Then the students then went into a relay race to see who could put on a tourniquet on with the most speed and accuracy. After the relay races, the different groups were put through an intruder drill where they had to quickly and effectively barricade the room.

Mrs. Nelson, who is on the District Safety Committee, said, “I think making students run through those drills of first aid is invaluable even (and hopefully) if they never need it.”

Students enjoyed engaging in the games, but they soon realized the seriousness of what they were learning. “Of course we all joke and what not, but once the scenario kicks in, you hear gunshots, or you say the word ‘go’ and the scenario starts, they all kicked in and went one hundred percent,” one of the training officers said.