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Field Trip Sends HHS Students Out Into Nature

Amber Stewart, Sophomore Editor

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Larva, mosquitoes, and beetles. These are just a few of the living creatures that belong in the Grand Glaize Creek located at Love Park in Ballwin.  

Several HHS students recently had the opportunity to learn about how important it is to keep streams clean. On October 2nd and October 3rd students from Ms. Bromberg’s and Mrs.Branch’s Biology classes took a field trip to Love Park.  

“I was excited to get out of school and go into the stream,” said Guadalupe Fujarte (10).

The Stream Team Crew started off by introducing each member. The crew members then set out two tubs of water that had crayfish. Students were able to pick the crayfish up, get pinched a couple times and experience a creature that lives in streams.  

“I picked the biggest one up and it pinched my thumb, it hurt but it was still cool,” explained Rodney Meyer-Gardner (10).

The crew members then handed out blue tweezers and spit the students into three groups. Each group had one Stream member that guided them through the woods to the stream.  

“I thought it was just a stream and that we would just be standing around. We had to walk across the stream and I got my feet wet, which I was pretty upset about,” said Jordan Easterwood (10).

The three groups split up to three different sections of the stream. Group A was at the start of the stream, group B in the middle, and group C at the end of the stream. Each group set a table up and began to take samples of the water. Each group tested the oxygen level, temperature, and PH of the stream.

“It was interesting to see the water change a different color when we added different chemicals to the oxygen level test,” explained Tyler Richard (10).

After testing the stream each group was given a net, which they put into the water and let it fill up. Once it was filled the net was carried to the table and students began to use their tweezers to find creatures. Creatures that were found included snails, frogs, larva, mosquitos, and beetles.

“It was fun trying to identify the different bugs in the water. Our group made it like a competition. Who could find the most bugs,” said Xavier Smith (10).

Each group did three rounds of collecting creatures in the stream. After identifying each creature the groups went over questions about the surrounding environment. Once finished with the questions, the groups headed back to the campsite and ate lunch.  

“Lunch was really good, we got Subway,” explained Talia Johnson (10).

After lunch the Stream Team crew members came out with shirts. Each student was given a shirt which varied in red, blue, green, and yellow. After the shirts were given out the students headed back on the bus to school.

“I had a good time, we don’t really get a lot of time outside so it was fun,” said Alexis Klein (10).