Cop for a Day

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Cop for a Day

Eliza Adams, Senior Editor

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On September 22, Junior Marisa Ackman went to the police station at 8AM to participate in the Ride-On-Patrol Program. From there she took on a 7 hour shift with Officer Nazzoli. She decided to do this because she wants to be a detective and wanted to see if she could do the police work first.

At first, Ackman said, the tone inside the police car was “kind of awkward.”

“But then I started asking questions,” Ackman said, “and we started getting calls, so we were always busy.”

Their first call of the day was for someone trespassing on private property. They proceeded to search the property for the person and check out the scene.

“I felt like a real cop because Officer Nazzoli let me participate in the calls. I was able to get out of the car and approach the problem first hand,” Ackman said.

The day was full of different calls including their first one, stopping traffic for a parade, running license plates, and talking to civilians.

“When an officer doesn’t get any calls they drive around and run plates so they are always doing something,” she said.

She contacted Officer Willenbrock in order to do the Ride-On-Patrol and had to fill out a form to be able to participate in it. Marisa is still interested in becoming a detective, but would like to get more experience in too.

“I would do this again because it was such an exciting time, and I would love to learn more and maybe even do an afternoon shift to get a different experience. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in being a cop, because it is just so real and you get an idea on what it’s really like.”