Plans Set for Spirit Week

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Plans Set for Spirit Week

Chloe Porter, Junior Writer

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Dancing, Decorations, Dressing  up… These are the most important things during Spirit Week.

This Friday is the unofficial start of Spirit Week, and you should wear your class colors.

  • Freshmen ~ Orange
  • Sophomores ~ Green
  • Juniors ~ Pink 
  • Seniors ~ Red

Next week, STUCO has selected the following dress days:

  • Monday ~ Vine/Meme Day
  • Tuesday ~ Sports Day
  • Wednesday ~ Blackout Day
  • Thursday ~ dress up like an Old Person or Baby
  • Friday ~ Blue/Gold Day

For the dance itself, STUCO has planned a “Midnight in Paris” theme.

“We just thought it was a really romantic and a cute theme that everyone would like,” said Junior McKenzie Mitchell.

The Homecoming Dance will be on October 13th. It will start at 6pm and end at 9pm. Homecoming will take place in the Middle School Gym. Tickets will cost $10 on Monday, $15 on Tuesday-Friday, or $20 at the door on Saturday. You can purchase the tickets October 8th – October 12th from Mr. Tidwell.