Meet Ms.Bromberg

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Meet Ms.Bromberg

Emily Appleton, Junior Writer

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The HHS Science Department has a new teacher this year. Her name is Ms. Mara Bromberg. She teaches Biology and Forensics.

“I have always loved biology, and there is a high demand for secondary science teachers in education.  I also love sharing my enthusiasm for science and health with my students.”

Ms. Bromberg recently taught in the St. Louis Public Schools, where she worked three years at Collegiate and a year at Vashon.

She is thrilled to be here at HHS and has been enjoying getting to know everyone.

“The students have been very sweet and welcoming, and the staff is extremely dedicated and helpful.”  

Ms. Bromberg  is married and has a ten year old pit mix. “She likes to dig through the trash and chase squirrels,” she said.

Ms. Bromberg likes to camp and go to festivals and concerts in addition to other activities. “When I’m not teaching I love to paint and write stories.”

Ms. Bromberg has a unique style and students seem to take an interest in it. Halloween is her favorite holiday, and  she tries to keep it interesting.

“I am an artist in my spare time, and I think of my clothes as wearable art,” Bromberg said.

Something students might not know about Ms Bromberg is that, at her old school, she was able to save the life of a fellow coworker who was having a heart attack!

“It was a tough position to be in, but I am so thankful that I was able to be a successful part of the chain of care that saved our English teacher.”

In light of our recent training day in which students learned first care techniques, Bromberg hopes all students could do the same. “I would just like to encourage anyone who reads the story to do their best and trust in their training if they are ever faced with a similar situation,” she said. “You’ll never know how many lives you can change just by trying.”

As this school year goes on, Ms. Bromberg would like to get to know as many students a possible even the ones that aren’t in her class. “Stop by my room , introduce yourself , and tell me what school events I should come check out.”