HHS Student Receives Special Congressional Regcognition

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HHS Student Receives Special Congressional Regcognition

Alexis Marsala, Junior Editor

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Throughout  the week HHS is hosting this year’s art show where students in art classes can display their piece,s including photography. There is one specific photo that sticks out from the rest, Senior Jasmin Dizdarevic’s “Color Pop.” His piece received a certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for best photo.

Jasmin’s photo was entered Digital Photography teacher Mrs. Leyes-Woods, and he was more than shocked to hear he had won, especially because of his school.

“I was not expecting to win honestly, it makes me feel good to be able to represent Hancock on the level it should be,” said Dizdarevic.

Jasmin Dizdarevic
“Color Pop”

The photo came from a vending machine found in the school cafeteria. Jasmin’s goal was to capture something unique and creative.

“I wanted to capture an eye catching color combination that would pop, giving it the title ‘Color Pop’ because the photo was of soda pop,” stated Jasmin.

This is Jasmin’s first year taking a photography class, but he has always had an interest in the hobbie. He is grateful for the creativity this class has given to him.

“If I were not in the photography class, I would have never thought about taking this photo and I most likely would not have published anything like this,” said Dizdarevic.