Overcoming Challenges

Amber Stewart, Staff Writer

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Have you ever thought about trying out for soccer? Thinking it’ll be fun and you’ll meet new people? Well, that’s exactly what freshmen, Sylvia Ebenrick-Medina thought.   

“It’s my first time playing soccer,” Ebenrick-Medina said.  

She didn’t plan on signing up for soccer at first. She thought she wouldn’t be good enough.

“I was scared, but I did it for the heck of it. My friends were signing up, so I did too,” Ebenrick-Medina explained.  

Before training and games, Ebenrick-Medina wasn’t expecting a lot, she knew that soccer was a hard sport. She knew she would have to train hard to accomplish her goals.

“The games can go either way; sometimes they’re slow, other times there insane,” Ebenrick-Medina said.

Although the games can go either way, she does recommend soccer.

“It’s a cool and fun sport. Once you get the hang of it, it’s just like wow,” Ebenrick-Medina explained.

Ebenrick-Medina is a full time goalie and sometimes defender. Having the goalie position is an import job, along with being tough.

“With training, we’re taught how to dive, or go for the ball properly,” Ebenrick-Medina explained.

She was invested in just going for the ball and not caring about her formation. “I wanted to get to the ball as quick as I could, it’s apart of being a goalie. I just started getting used to like jumping for the ball,” Ebenrick-Medina said. With getting use to going for the ball, she bruised her ribs.  

“I was constantly diving, landing on my ribs. I sometimes got kicked, and girls would fall on top of me,” Ebenrick-Medina explained.

Diving for the ball and hitting the ground constantly can impact a person’s body, Ebenrick-Medina learned this the hard way.

“I had to sit out for a week. I was disappointed, but I understood that I needed to heal,” Ebenrick-Medina explained.

Once she did heal, she was back in the game working harder than before.