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Amber Stewart, Staff Writer

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During the weekend of Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11, 2018, anonymous letters from London were apparently sent out to thousands of families across the UK and US. The letters informed people that Tuesday, April 3, 2018 would be “Punish A Muslim Day.”

Freshmen Medina Alimi and her family received a letter. “A lot of people thought that ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ was fake; it wasn’t though. My family and I are Muslim and we took offense to April 3rd,” Alimi explained.

The letter went into detail calling Muslims “sheeps,” along with a table of points people could earn for hurting muslims.

Senior Amina Ademovic did not receive a letter, she found out about it on Twitter. “Pictures of the fliers were everywhere. I think it’s crazy that there are people out there that would make something like this up just because they don’t like muslims. These people have taken their hatred to extremes by doing this. The point system is ridiculous and inhumane. Basically, the person can earn more points by doing something more harmful which just encourages people to do these things,” Ademovic said.

Once the word of Punish A Muslim Day got out, another anonymous letter was sent twenty four hours later. The new letter explained that instead of April 3rd being Punish A Muslim Day, it would be rebranded as “Love A Muslim Day.”

Alimi’s family also received the new letter. “My family received one. I support Love A Muslim Day. The people that do participate in hurting Muslims don’t deserve to be called human; we’re human,” Alimi said.   

The new letter went into detail explaining that Muslims aren’t “sheep” and instead of people earning points for hurting Muslims, points would be earned for caring for Muslims.

Ademovic also supported Love A Muslim Day. “I’m really glad that people aren’t supporting this, and they’ve actually found a way to counterattack it. It just shows that people still have our back even though there’s a lot against us,” Ademovic explained.

To support Love A Muslim Day, communities came together to support Muslims. A group of one hundred people held hands together to form a chain around a mosque in Newcastle, England. Throughout London, people handed flowers out. On April 3rd, the hashtag #LoveAMuslim was trending on Twitter. Small businesses in the US handed out tea and sweets to promote “Banish Hate Day.”