HHS Students Participate in Nationwide Walkout

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HHS Students Participate in Nationwide Walkout

Alexis Marsala, Junior Editor

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One month after the Parkland shooting, the nation took it upon itself to create a day dedicated to the lives lost that day in Florida. On March 14th, schools across the country made a coordinated effort to produce a school walkout lasting 17 minutes in respect of the 17 victims lost.

Approximately 100 HHS students took it upon themselves to participate in the event together as a school.

“It is good to show the power we have as students, and the effect we have on the people around us,” stated Sophomore Dario Sejic.

Several students took the time to put together an event that would represent the overall message of gun violence.

“We are here to spread the message that enough is enough,” said Junior Ramona Johnson in her opening speech.

Administration was proud to see involvement with their students on a topic so close to home.

“I thought it was very well planned. Our students showed what I knew they were always capable of,” said Superintendent Dr. Carl.

Coordinators of the event were unsure of potential student involvement, but were not disappointed by the numbers.

“I was surprised at the amount of the turn out and the variety of people who wanted to help. This was definitely successful,” stated Junior Samantha Mallory.

While some students were active participants in the event, others chose not to participate.

“I did not want to walk out because I do not think it is very effective. However, I understand why the walk out is taking place,” said Junior Trey Dittrich.

Despite the controversy, HHS students were able to unite on the widespread issue at hand.

“It is a very difficult topic. School safety and gun violence is on everyone’s mind right now,” said Dr. Carl.

Although students want to see change, the true nature of the event was to show respect to those who lost their lives on February 14th.

“I walked out because enough people have lost their lives to gun violence and I wanted to support Stoneman Douglas High,” stated Junior Ramona Johnson.