A New SAMester Begins

Randon Kapeller, Staff Writer

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It’s a new semester, and there are many new SAM students. These seemingly random, new students are popping up in different classes. What is going on? Students As Mentors, or SAM, takes the place of an elective and requires students to act as leaders, or mentors, in a class of their choosing. SAM is a great opportunity that not all schools offer.

SAM has benefits that some might not know about. The 50 hours of tutoring needed for the A+ program, in which students are granted money for community and public college, is completed with SAM. 

“The purpose of SAM is to help students earn their 50 hours of unpaid tutoring/mentoring for the A+ Program,” Assistant Principal Mr. Joe Veldhuizen explained.

Another benefit of SAM is that it provides leadership experience that can help a lot in the future. Not only are leadership skills beneficial as is, but SAM looks good on a resume.

“Leadership!” Mr. Veldhuizen said. “Mentoring and tutoring is a great experience that can help any student out. It develops leadership, patience, and responsibility.”

SAM offers students a different perspective on the teaching/learning process. As a mentor, they are now the teacher. They now see how hard it can be to teach.

“I think it opens the eyes of many students to see things from the ‘other side.’ Teaching is a very difficult profession and students get a glimpse of what goes into what makes an effective teacher,” Veldhuizen further explained.

SAM is an overall great opportunity for really any student, especially if they are college bound. 

Senior, Joshua Schwamle, working diligently.

“SAM has been great so far and it’s good that I’ve been able to better my relationship with my teacher so she knows what I can and can’t help with,” Senior Joshua Schwamle stated.

Schwamle also highly recommends SAM as well as A+. He stated how beneficial the programs are for students.

“SAM is a good opportunity to make yourself look better when applying to college, and it makes you look better as a student to other teachers seeing that you’re helping out,” Schwamle said.

He went on to explain the A+ program and how it’s a must for anyone planning on going to either community or public college.

Schwamle elaborated, “The A+ program is great because it’s free college, and people who are going to college know how important that is. It puts some weight off your shoulders and lets you focus on other things college related.”