Survivor of the Car Crash

This is Sophomore Mariah Gowan after the accident in the hospital

This is Sophomore Mariah Gowan after the accident in the hospital

Brenaye Owens, Staff Writer

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Eight years ago, Sophomore Mariah Gowan was hit by a car. She plays softball, is a cheerleader, and also has a job at Subway.

She was practicing cross country with her cousin and friends on September 21, 2010, at the time Gowan was 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. She claims she doesn’t remember much on what happened, but her cousins, Felicity and Delilah Washausen said  “she flew in the air and her shoes came off”. She wanted to go home when she woke up in the ambulance and told the paramedics to take her home because she was “fine”, but they proceeded to do their job and take her to the hospital. Gowan missed two months of school and her family was worried about her, but glad she was okay.

“My recovery was long and difficult. I wanted to walk the second I got out of the hospital bed”, stated Gowan.

Gowan could not walk or use her legs. She had to get around in a wheelchair until her legs were strong enough to walk again. She soon went from wheelchair to a walker to being able to walk again. Her injuries were quite severe. She shattered her pelvis and tailbone, fractured her hips, and broke the last three vertebrae in her back. Her process was a bit hard for recovery.

“It makes playing sports a little more difficult, cold weather makes my back and hips hurt more than usual,” she said.

Gowan being hit by a car has impacted her life and by the way she performs when playing softball, but continues to play through the pain.

“I do have back problems. I try not to let it affect me, I usually play through the pain, but sometimes I have to take a break and rest for a little,” said Gowan.

Since being hit by a car Gowan now suffers from back problems and has to limit herself to the things she does because her body isn’t able to handle it.

“It’s not as hard as it sounds. Sometimes I get off at 9, I’m up until 1 a.m. finishing homework”, said Gowan.

With Gowan working at Subway she doesn’t think it’s hard handling cheer, softball, and a job, but she it’s hard for her to get sleep because she’s always so busy.

“I think about quitting all the time,” Gowan stated.

She sometimes gets frustrated, but she tries to calm herself down because she can’t quit.

“I try to turn all my assignments in on time and fully completed,” she said.

Finally, Gowan manages her grades for the most well. She sometimes is up early or late to finish her work to keep them up to where they need to be.