A Sea of Black at the Golden Globes

Ladies of Hollywood show off their awards while wearing black to stand up for sexual harassment.

Ladies of Hollywood show off their awards while wearing black to stand up for sexual harassment.

Alexis Marsala, Junior Editor

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January 7th was a Sunday that brought awareness, strength, and inspiration as millions of Americans tuned into watch the Golden Globes, a film and television award ceremony. Like an award ceremony, it all started with the red carpet, but this year was different.

Actresses from all of Hollywood tossed their showy arrangement of dresses for one color only. Black.

“We talked about this in class, and we discussed that the color black often means power. These powerful women are coming together and standing up for what they believe in,” said Junior Adam Stroup.

The motive here was awareness for the #TimesUp movement that is pushing for an end of the silence brought upon sexual harassment.  

“I think this was a good way to share people’s stories and make sure that they reach out to all women so they know that they are not alone through this fight,” stated Junior Krystal Williams.

The movement is supported by many through Twitter and Facebook and it is beginning to reach our students.

“Sexual Assault will not go away without some sort of intervention, the campaign is raising positive awareness and gives people something to think about,” said Senior Josh Schwamle.

When the movement appeared in this years Golden Globes, it was a big step for the campaign and women all over the world.

“I liked that they all came together to stand up against something they all believe in, I think it will really make people think about sexual harassment against women,” said Sophomore Mckenzie Mitchell.

Students found it motivating that the celebrities they look up to spent their night advocating for a topic that affects many.

“The award show was very inspirational and a great way for the images of society to bring light to peoples eyes,” stated Junior Krystal WIlliams.