Two Seniors Making a Name in Underground Rap

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Two Seniors Making a Name in Underground Rap

Jazmin Ramsdell, Staff Writer

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Virgil Thomas, also known as Louie V, and close friend Alejandro Reyes, aka Apreme, are hidden talents in the Hancock High School. Some at HHS may not know that the two are successful Soundcloud rappers. The two hit the peak of their career this year as seniors.

“It all started my freshman year when I started writing music on random beats I would find on YouTube,” Reyes stated.

“I started my junior year just as a hobby,” Thomas explained. “I’ve always liked music and I just wanted to make new music because I hated how popular songs were so overplayed,” he said.

Their most successful raps are “Far Out” with an approximate 23.2 thousand views, 253 likes, and 23 reposts. Their most recent and second most successful piece is, “Dynamite.” The song also features HHS Senior Edric Hodges. This song has currently 18.7 plays, 303 likes, and 20 reposts. Considering HHS has around 440 students,  their music is being exposed beyond our walls.

The process is very similar to how Apreme started out, finding beats on YouTube and just letting the lyrics flow. Thomas also added,” The rest just comes to me. Its natural.” Then after having a rough idea of how they want it to sound, Apreme and Louie V hit the studio to create their rap.

Some comments on their music consist of encouragement and their satisfactions with the songs. One user who goes by the username MigKennyB commented, “I randomly found this song but oml (On My Life) this is good.”

With all of this support some wonder where this will take them, and if they will continue to produce music as just a hobby or a career.

“I want to make music in the future after highschool, but it just depends on where life takes me,” Reyes expressed.