Lady Gaga Kills it at Scottrade

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Lady Gaga Kills it at Scottrade

Samantha Pressdee, Staff Writer

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On November 16 Lady Gaga came to St.louis and performed at the Scottrade Center for her Joanne World tour.

The experience overall was amazing.

The best parts of the concert were her more vulnerable moments when she would speak to the crowd.  

Halfway through the concert she sat down and played “The Edge of Glory,” dedicating the song to her friend that passed from cancer, and her friend’s husband who was dealing with the loss.  The crowd used their flashlights on their phones and lit up the whole stadium. The scene from the concert was extremely emotional and moving.

Another moving part of the concert was the encore when Gaga played “Million Reasons.” She said the song was dedicated to her fans and that is what keeps her going. During the finale act she climbed on the piano and belted out the finale worlds of the Million reason.

While her more tender moments were beautiful, hands down one of the best moments of the night is when she played “Bad Romance.” Still one of her most popular songs, you could tell from the crowd’s reaction that this is what they were waiting for. The crowd was uncontrollable, and everyone was jumping up and down, dancing and singing to the music.

One complaint I have for the concert is that she didn’t play “Judas.” It’s one of her best songs to date, and I was looking forward to hearing her play that song. While I was disappointed that she didn’t play it, the concert was still a blast. I’ve been a huge Lady Gaga fan ever since she released The Fame in 2008, and it was surreal to see her in person. It was my favorite concert to date, and if I were to rate this concert I would give it a 4.5 out of 5.