Walker Mania

Amber Stewart, Staff Writer

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Season eight of The Walking Dead started off with a bang: Negan vs Rick. The show has finally reached episode one hundred, meaning this one had to be good. “Mercy,” the first episode of season eight, was certainly different than regular season starters.  

The name of the episode obviously suggests that Rick does not give into killing Negan quickly. Which is true, Rick has the chance to kill Negan at his weak point, but Gabriel swoops in and tells Rick that he should back down. Rick listens and walks away.   

In between scenes of fighting, there are multiple scenes of Rick with a colorful glass shining on his face and him looking confused or expressionless. This is quite interesting and confusing, they never reveal what he is looking at.

Along with scenes of shining glass there is also a scene of Rick looking older, having grey hair and waking up. Just like in season one, in which Rick awakes in a bed. This time, he is not in a hospital though, instead he wakes up in a house and walks out to where Michonne and Carl are. Michonne and Carl do not look older though. Rick then heads outside to Judith, his daughter. In this scene, Judith is older as well. The scene indicates that Rick and his people have won the war.

Later into the episode, we learn that Gabriel is stuck in a trailer with Negan. This clearly indicates that Gabriel is going to die.   

In the long run, “Mercy” was not as action-packed or intense as other seasons have started. Yes, it did throw a scene of Rick being old and safe, which shows that he does win at some point. But it doesn’t click; it mostly gives the idea that they focused so much on the war, that they missed out on everything else. I would honestly rate “Mercy” as the worst season starter. I really think that Negan is old news, it’s time for Rick to kill him.